Rent Receivership

As Rent Receivers, we are authorised to act as the Letting & Property Management Agent on behalf of a Lending Institution. We collect the rental income of a distressed investment property.
As a result of the recent economic downturn, the Irish property market has created a new set of challenges for lenders:

• Due to the number of non-performing loans Banks face bringing a higher number of repossession cases before the Courts.
• Following repossession, the Bank may be left with a property that is impossible to sell at a price that will cover the outstanding mortgage.
• Income generation from the properties may not be maximised as borrowers struggle to come to terms with the challenging environment.
• The properties themselves may deteriorate and become dilapidated.
Therefore, the appointment of Just Property to manage the mortgaged property for the benefit of the lender has become a real alternative to the repossession / sales route.
By outsourcing the management of their property assets to Just Property, Banks can benefit from their expertise in the area of property management, rather than tying up internal resources.
Service includes:
• Asset protection and enhancement evaluation.
• Constant management of assets to ensure maximum return for the lender.
• Computerised program for recording essential approved repairs.
• Management of tenants to reduce under performing rent levels
• Computerised program for monitoring rent collection and tracking.
• Private Residential Tenancies Board compliant
• Property Services Regulatory Authority compliant.
• Professional Indemnity Insurance.